23 September 2018

I can’t believe it has already been TWO YEARS since my EP Bad Humors was released. Where did all that time go? Firstly I’d like to thank all of you for listening, watching and supporting this EP. I couldn’t have done it without you! A another thank you to Shannon for helping me make the record, Carpark and Ryan for releasing my songs. Thanks to all those who did remixes and who asked me to sing with them on tracks. This year I’ve been so lucky to work with Boycrush, Swimgood and even a sneaky feature on the new Suede record with my choir. I’m ever so busy working on my album and hope to have it all finished by early 2019. I can’t wait to leave my room and come play for you again. To celebrate the birthday of BH I’ve spontaneously released a new remix of Oracle/Horoscope from one of my fav bands, Corbu. There is a free download on Soundcloud and I had a lot of fun cutting together a video from eighties Jem and the Holograms footage. I’ve always seen myself as a bit of a Kimber ;)


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17 August 2017

Hello! I'm writing to you from my new flat/studio space in London, contemplating album concepts, expensive vs free plugins and how to record vocals in such loud and compact space. I feel I'm getting shier and more withdrawn the older I get - or perhaps it is the more I read and see? Now is a time of listening, reading, thinking and writing for me, but I thought it was probably best I sent you a message to let you know I’m still thinking of you. 


Creating and performing Bad Humors took a lot out of me both creativity and emotionally. I had to write it and turn it out quickly because of the situation I found myself in musically, and it was written at a time when I was under huge emotional distress and dealing with my own mental health struggles. I was overwhelmed by the response to my debut EP nonetheless and was encouraged to continue chasing those allusive musical dreams despite the nightmarish nature of my musical experiences the preceding years. I’m incredibly grateful for everyone who helped me through that shitty time and to those who still support me now (you know who you are!)


Roughly a month ago I waved goodbye to my lovely subtropical home of Auckland, New Zealand and moved to London, to find new inspiration and new creatives to befriend. After Bad Humors it only seems fitting to pace myself, so I can recharge and refuel creatively in order to make the best album possible. Also, this time around I am working on producing a lot more of my tracks so I can grow as a person and you can get the 100% pure madeira sound (lol, cheese).

I’m taking more risks and pushing more boundaries to create a body of work that I’ll be proud to share with you all. I’m not interested in just making music, I want to make art.


Also, as you well know there still aren’t as many women producing as there really should be. And though I’m not naturally good at technical stuff (thanks patriarchy) and I’m no expert either (mainly due to the fact I have far too many interests and my passions lie elsewhere) I’m still challenging myself to produce more out of principle and artistic perfectionism, and also to say “fuck it, I don’t need to drop a grand on some ‘cool’ plugins to make great music, I can make music however the hell I want to.”


So yeah. That’s me in a nutshell. Hoping to start releasing new material early 2018 but in the meantime keep your ears out for a few tracks I’ve featured on in the next few months. And I’ll try organise a London show for you UK babes sometime soon. 

Vote if you can, pay your taxes, and do something nice for yourself.


Love and madness,


Kim x


ps. oh and fark its my birthday soon. london birthday treat suggestions most welcomed. getting older is cool, one more step towards being a wise old elven queen.